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Ancestry of Larry Vizenor and Teresa Reuter

Descent of Teresa Reuter from Paschali Mahowall


Teresa E. Reuter
b. August 5, 1946
Married:  Larry Vizenor, Jan. 7, 1972, Detroit Lakes, MN
Children:  Lowell: Tara: Louis
Parents:  Jacob Reuter and Philomena Ann Soukup
Jacob Reuter
b. Dec. 25, 1894, Bird Island, MN
d. August, 1965
Buried:  Underwood, ND
Married:  Philomena Soukup, June 11, 1929
Children:  Francis, Sylvester, Helen, Clarence, Alfred, Mary, Teresa
Parents:  Joseph Reuter and Elizabeth Mahowald
Remarks:  Self educated, spoke two languages
Elizabeth Mahowald**
b. May 5, 1869, New Market, MN
d. Sept. 14, 1916
Buried:  Garrison, ND
Married:  Joseph Reuter, Nov. 28, 1890, New Market, MN
Children:  Jacob, Mary, Susanna, William
Parents:  Frank Mahowald and Susanna Schneider
Frank Mahowald**
b. Oct.3, 1833, Septfontaines (Simmern), Luxembourg
d.  Sept. 19,1898 
Buried:  New Market, MN
Married:  Susanna Schneider, April 29, 1860
Children:  Elizabeth, one of nine daughters, two sons
Parents:   Peter Mahowald and Elizabeth Nilles
Remarks:  Susanna, b. April 30, 1836 in Lux.  Frank emigrated from Simmern, Luxembourg to America in 1857.  Arrived in NYC
April 27 along with his Aunt Susanna Mahowald.***
Peter Mahowald*
b. August 28, 1803, Simmern Lux.
Married:  Elizabeth Nilles, Feb. 25, 1830, Simmern, Luxembourg
Children:  Frank, John
Parents:  Jean Mahoval and Anne-Marie Schaus
Jean Mahoval*
b. May 2, 1774, Simmern, Lux.
Married:  Anne-Marie Schaus, Feb. 15, 1797
Children:  Peter, one of four children
Parents:  Philipp Mahowaldt and Anna-Maria Schoentgen
Remarks:  Simmern, Lux. is located in the heart of the Eisch Valley, this village takes its name from the seven springs which meet in the fountain in the village center.  The fortress, originally built in the 11th century, is now privately owned.
Philipp Mahowaldt*
b.  August 10,1741, Buschdorf, Lux.
Married:  Anna-Maria Schoentgen, Feb. 11,1773
Children:  Jean Mahoval
Parents:  Paschali Mahowall and Magdelena Welschen
Paschali Mahowall*
b. 1695
d. 1761
Buried:  Buschdorf, Luxembourg
Married:  Magdelena Welschen, 1715, Buschdorf, Lux.
Children:  Philipp, one of six boys and one girl
Remarks:  According to Lucien Arendt,* most of the Mahowalds were charcoal burners and woodworkers.  Also, the name comes from the Belgium village of Mahonval, where the Mahowalds came from in the year 1624.  The Civil Registry began in Simmern in 1654 and the Marriage Registry in 1721.
*Source-Luxembourg Historian, Lucien Arendt*
**Source-Frank W. Reuter                   ***Liliane Stemper, Luxembourg
Mahowalds in America                                "Emigrants from Simmern
                                                                         to the USA" 

Extended Mahowald Genealogy (descendants of Paschali Mahowall)

Teresa Reuter, 1966

Jacob Reuter, 1929

Elizabeth Mahowald, 1890

Frank Mahowald and Susanna Schneider, 1860
Photo's Courtesy of Frank W. Reuter (Jacob, Elizabeth)

Peter Mahowald

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